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Worship centers in Screven County, Georgia

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  • Antioch Church (christian)
  • Bargeron Church (christian)
    Hiltonia-Perkins Road
  • Benton Grove Church (christian)
    Jenk Hill Road
  • Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (christian)
    Mock Street
  • Bethel Brick Church (christian)
    Oglethorpe Trail
  • Bethlehem Church (christian)
    Milhaven Road
  • Bible Church (christian)
    West Ogeechee Street
  • Bible Fellowship Church (christian)
  • Black Creek Church (christian)
  • Black Creek Church (christian)
  • Blue Springs Church (christian)
  • Buck Creek Church (christian)
    Buck Creek Road
  • Camp Grove Church (christian)
    Buck Creek Road
  • Charlestown Church (christian)
  • Comers Grave Church (christian)
    Eastside Road
  • Cyphus Pond Church (christian)
    Middleground Church Road
  • Dalton Church (christian)
  • Ditch Pond Church (christian)
  • Dixon Branch Church (christian)
  • Double Heads Church (christian)
  • Douglas Branch Church (christian)
    Douglas Branch Road
  • Faith Temple
    Faith Temple Road
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Academy Street
  • First Methodist Church (christian)
    West T Sharpe Drive
  • Free Will Church (christian)
    Halcyondale Road
  • Friendship Church (christian)
  • Friendship Memorial Church (christian)
    Indian Branch Road
  • Friendship Tabernacle
    Bens Branch Road
  • Goloid Church (christian)
  • Goodwill Church (christian)
    Haga Slaga Road
  • Great Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (christian)
    Railroad Street
  • Green Hill Church (christian)
    Farmdale Road
  • Greenwood Church (christian)
    Old River Road
  • Grove Church (christian)
    Millerville Road
  • Harmony Church (christian)
    Burton's Ferry Highway
  • Hurst Church (christian)
    Hurst Church Road
  • Jackson Church (christian)
    Newington Highway
  • Johnson Grove Church (christian)
    Johnson Grove Road
  • Jordan Church (christian)
    Scarlboro Highway
  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Waters Station Road, 172 30467 Sylvania
    Phone: 912-564-5862
  • Lariscy Grove Church (christian)
  • Lawton Grove Church (christian)
    Newington Highway
  • Little Bethel Church (christian)
    Bethel Road
  • Little Horse Creek Church (christian)
  • Little Horse Creek Church (christian)
    Little Horse Creek Road
  • Louis Chapel (christian)
  • Lovett Hill Church (christian)
  • McBride United Methodist Church (christian)
  • McBridge Church (christian)
  • McDonald Church (christian)
    McDonald Road
  • Memorial Church (christian)
    West Mobley Street
  • Middle Baptist Assembly (christian - baptist)
    Newington Highway
  • Middle Branch Church (christian)
    Middle Ground Church Road
  • Middle Ground Church (christian)
  • New Home Welcome Church (christian)
    Burton's Ferry Highway
  • New Light Church (christian)
  • New Robbins Branch Church (christian)
  • Newington Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Ogeechee Street
  • North Newington Church (christian)
    Church Road
  • Oak Grove Church (christian)
  • Oak Grove Church (christian)
    Scarlboro Highway
  • Ogeechee Branch Church (christian)
    Old Creek Road
  • Ogeechee Church (christian)
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Church (christian)
  • Parker Grove Church (christian)
    Scarlboro Highway
  • Red Bluff Church (christian)
    Red Bluff Road
  • Robert Grove Church (christian)
    Bay Branch Road
  • Rock Hill Church (christian)
    Hiltonia-Perkins Road
  • Rocky Ford Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Rocky Ford Road
  • Saint Andrews Chapel (christian)
    Andrews Chapel Road
  • Saint Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church (christian)
    Andrews Street
  • Saint Johns Church (christian)
    Simpson Town Road
  • Saint Johns Church (christian)
  • Saint Josephs Church (christian)
    Bay Branch Road
  • Saint Paul Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Bay Street
  • Saint Pauls Church (christian)
    Tram Road
  • Saint Peter African Methodist Episcopal Church (christian)
    Newington Highway
  • Saint Peters Church (christian)
    Newington Highway
  • Saint Puals Church (christian)
  • Saint Stephens Church (christian)
    Mercer Road
  • Simmons Branch Church (christian)
  • Springhead Church (christian)
    Jenk Hill Road
  • Union Church (christian)
  • Wades Church (christian)
    Scarlboro Highway
  • Waters Grove Church (christian)
    Waters Grove Road
  • Weaver Tabernacle
  • Wesley Anna Church (christian)
    Brannens Bridge Road
  • Wesley Chapel (christian)
  • Wesley Church (christian)
    Wesley Church Road
  • Williams Chapel (christian)
  • Zion Church (christian)
  • Zion Fair Church (christian)